How to play Amoung Us – Gameplay, Secret Tips, Strategies, Hacks !

How to play Amoung Us - Gameplay Secret Tips Strategies Hacks !

Are you a gamer ?

Do you like small, fun multiplayer games ?

Then the newly trending game – Amoung Us is just for you !

Many of you would have heard the name of this game, as it has gained a high popularity in the recent times across the globe !

So do you wish to try this popular game, or improve your gameplay ?

WhotTrendz brings to you the ultimate guide to the new, trending game

with all the secret tips, tricks and strategies you need to become a pro at this game and win against your friends !

So let’s begin with – How to play Amoung Us – Gameplay, Secret Tips, Strategies, Hacks ! by WhotTrendz.

Amoung Us:

Amoung Us is an online multiplayer blind team game, developed by InnerSloth released on 15th June, 2018.

The crux of the game can be explained as –

A space themed multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal !

Crewmates of the spaceship try to complete tasks in order to fix the spaceship,

but amoung the crew members is/are imposter/s that try to disrupt your goal by killing the crewmates. The team that survives at the end, wins !

With its initial release, the game did not attract gamers or players to stick to the game.

But, with some popular games and apps being banned in some major countries,

How to play Amoung Us - Gameplay Secret Tips Strategies Hacks !

the game gained popularity as an unique multiplayer strategy game !

And it pulled some of the biggest gamers to stream on platforms like Twitch and Youtube !

How to play Amoung Us ? :

The online team strategy game has 4-10 members in a room.

Out of all the members playing the game, 1-3 members are randomly selected to be imposter/s while others play as crewmates of the spaceship.

All the crewmates are assigned some tasks, that they need to complete.

The role of the imposter/s is/are to blend in with the crewmates and try to deceive the crewmates trust by faking to do the tasks with them.

As soon as the imposter finds a crewmate alone or seperated from the other members, he may kill the crewmate !

The imposter/s aim to kill all the crewmates or the majority of them before they complete all the tasks or find out their real identity as imposter/s.

How to play Amoung Us - Gameplay Secret Tips Strategies Hacks !

NOw, when any crewmate finds the deadbody of his fellow crewmate or suspects an imposter,

he can report that dead body or call an emergency meeting respectively.

In the meeting, all the members that are alive,

have the rights to discuss amoung themselves by text chat and decide to vote out the suspected imposter/s

and kick him out of the spaceship.

While during the discussion, the imposter tries to defend himselves by blending in the conversations

or faking to blame some other innocent crewmate in order to vote him out !

How to play Amoung Us - Gameplay Secret Tips Strategies Hacks !

Also the dead members (ghosts) can continue contributing to the tasks with some new abilities like passing through the walls :-P,

but cannot interact with the alive members of the spaceship.

Once the crewmates complete all the given tasks or vote out all the imposters successfully before being killed,

the crewmates win.

Or if the imposter/s is/are able to kill the majority of teammates or vote them out, the imposter/s win.

Isn’t is interesting !

Secret Tips and Strategies:

So let’s discuss some top famous tips and strategies you would want to know before trying Amoung Us !

I am sure after knowing these Tips, you would stand an amazingly better chance to win at every game of Amoung Us !

1) For Crewmates:

  • Try Suspecting Everyone: According to the gameplay, you do not know who all are in your team as crewmates and who is an Imposter. Another Pro tip is to follow some people at a distance to judge their behavious. So as you suspect each and every player untill you are satisfied and see the player evidently conducting a crewmates task ! The tasks that prove that the member is a crewmate are : SubmitScan, Clear Asteroids, Prime Shields, Empty Garbage.
  • Try staying with the innocent: Once you get assured of the members that are clearly innocent, try staying with them so the imposter does not get a chance to target you separately.
  • Observe the players and bait the imposter: Try observing how the player responds to you following him, or to sabotage situations in the game. Also you can try baiting the suspected imposter by going near him in presence of someone near by.
  • Look out of Vent jumps and Camera: You can also get an idea about the imposter by having a track of the suspected players routes and making sure how fast is he travelling between places(That can indicate the person has used vents). Also you can take help of the camera availible in the security hall present in most of the maps !
How to play Amoung Us - Gameplay Secret Tips Strategies Hacks !
  • Call out Emergency Meetings when in Trouble: You can use Emergency meetings to save yourselves from sabotized tasks or even a potential imposter trying to kill you.
  • Be Careful while the VoteOut: This is very important to clearly make your fellow crewmates believe that you are not the imposter. So use instances where you spotted someone else misbehaving or when you were with some other player and your locations to your advantage ! Also keep an eye for the person who seems most eager to kick you out, he may be the one ! 😛

2) For Imposters:

  • Utilize Sabotizing to your Strenght and for your defence: Sabotize important rooms that makes it hard for the crewmates to reach and also fake/ or really fix the rooms on your own to gain trust of the crewmates !
  • Sabotise casually and change patterns: While Sabotizing, make sure you do not follow the same pattern for every game you be the imposter, this makes it pretty obvious for the players that have already played with you.
  • Follow people casually: Just staying with other players is not only an advantage for the crewmates, but also for the imposter. This way you gain others Trust and have instances to specify during the emergency meetings to save yourselves.
  • Kill cleverly: By this we mean that, kill when you find the right spot, and the right time to kill. When you are not being noticed by anyone, and also away from the cameras. Also having a vent nearby helps in a quick escape.
  • Dont Fake Visible Tasks: These are the tasks discussed above in the bolg, which provide a conclusive evidence of you being a crewmate, do not fake doing these tasks as you may be easily caught.
  • Be Smart during VoteOuts: By this we mean to give specific locations and evidences away from the reported bodies. Thus joining an innocent person after killing always helps. Also dont be very pushy while trying to vote out a crewmate, this may lead to players suspecting you more.
  • Act normal and Blend In: Finally and most importantly, try acting normal as you would during a crewmate role, also dont overdo things and try blending in with the flow of other members to get an assured win !


So, now that you know a lot of tips and tricks to dramatically increase you chances,

and have a shot at winning the most trending game, I hope you found this interesting and useful !

With so many people going crazy after the game, the devlopers also had a thought to announce a part 2 of the game.


But nothing has been officially confirmed by Innersloth up till now.

So tell us in the comment section, which tips and stratergies are you looking to use for your next game, to fool your friends ?

Which role do you usually like to play, an Imposter or Crewmate ?

Do let us know all your thoughts and interesting personal experiences if you have any to share !

Untill then keep playing and enjoying with your friends, and watch out for more trending blogs by WhotTrendz !

Also, lets not keep this blog Amoung us, share it with all you friends and improve your gameplay !


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