Corona – The break humanity needed ?


Corona Virus whottrendz

Lets Begin with Corona – The break humanity needed ?

OMG ! I can’t think of words that describe my reaction to the current situation.

How small were the chances, the probability of this happening?

Every single person of the world facing the same problem, irrespective of his/her race, religion, age, caste, gender, profession…you don’t see that everyday.

The whole of Humanity desperately fighting for survival against a common enemy. Sounds like the script of a Sci-fi movie that would probably do really well in the theatres πŸ˜€

So lets begin with Corona – The break humanity needed ? :

Corona - The break humanity needed ?

I mean thousands of news items come and go every single day about various things of the world.

But something that concerns and challenges the existence of the whole human kind, had to stay for a while with everyone.

I bet none of you would have ever thought to land up on a random website reading about a pandemic if asked a few months ago.

But, this Blog is not to present Corona in a fancy way.

But, as you would have guessed by the title,

this blog is to bring forward and highlight a different perspective and vision about the topic.

And so, I wish that all of you reading this blog, read it with an open mind and take it as a thoughtful conversation.

Corona Virus whottrendz

I mean, as a millennial,

ever since I was a kid, we had always written essays, articles, reports and what not on topics like-

deforestation, air, water,land pollution, population growth, climate change, sanitation, personal hygiene etc.

While growing, we were always taught that these were the topics that concern us as humans and are necessary to improve upon for our future.

So we were made to do skits, roleplays, promotional videos, poster making, events like

sapling plantation, mass rallies, cleaning lands and rivers, ad campaigns and all kinds of efforts you would imagine the youth doing.

But years passed by, and we kept on writing and raising awareness about the same topics through all these years,

without witnessing any improvement in them.

Again, by no means I intend to oversee the improvements people have tried to make, but to be honest, nothing has proved to be enough.

Technological advancements, improved literacy rates, public awareness and thousands of responsible people working for the betterment of the society,

but nothing was enough to show substantial improvements or caused a drastic influence or change.

And, do you know why all of this, including all our childhood efforts did not work ?

It was always because of the highly exponential graph of progress for humanity. And human’s progress is highly connected to the harm caused to environment for ages now.

Also, It was because to stop people from doing something (harming the environment )

proved to be more difficult than to make them do something (to save the evironment ) !

I have heard many people say, we share a symbiotic relationship with mother Earth,

but if you ask me, I would say :

We were always the parasite !

Also I want you to think what have you given to your planet?

You see, I mean what can you,

I believe you can give back a small amount of what you have taken but no one can ever provide it something it does not have !

But, this is it. All the global issues addressed at once !

Yes, I am saying that Corona helped us with that !

Think again was Corona – The break humanity needed ?

amazing stats

It is one of those things of human history that has shown significant changes in solving the issues till the day I and probably you were born !

You probably have no idea what all things have changed after Corona ,

As you know this blog is to bring forward a positive aspect and view of the current situation,

And I am sure as you would read ahead this article would help you find the answers to many of your views,

issues or complains you would have regarding the current situation !

Here, lets highlight some of the effects that have positively affected the whole of humanity after the introduction of Corona:

1) Environmental improvements:

Yes, Corona pandemic has lead to a drastic improvement in the environmental condition

across the whole globe as most of you would have heard !

At least this improvement is by far the most I have ever witnessed in my life up till now,

and the big thing being that we did not work to achieve this improvement levels.

Corona - The break humanity needed ?

You might be aware about the low pollution levels and stuff,

but you would probably have no idea what wonders the pandemic has done.

  • Negligible Air, Water and Land Pollution: Ofcourse, due to lock-downs in most parts of the world, the least amount of Air, water and land pollution has been recorded over several decades !
  • Cities and places which were considered to be among the most hazardous places to live due to their Air quality idexes, have vanished from the deadly list!
  • Talking about places like Delhi, government data shows the average concentration of PM 2.5 plunged by 71% in the space of a week, falling from 91 microgram/cubic meter on March 20, to 26 microgram/cubic meter on March 27 after the lockdown began.
  • Nitrogen dioxide went from 52/cubic meter to 15/cubic meter in the same period after the lockdown. Also it NO2 levels declined upto 40-50% in places like Ahmedabad, Pune and Mumbai.
  • In places like Philippines, fine particulate matter-the world’s deadliest air matter, dropped by 180% since quarantine measures
  • Also there has been a 71% fall in air pollutant levels in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Banglore along with all the other cities of India !
  • The Reduced fossil fuel emission due to transport sector and other industrial activities, has also reduced the land and water pollution levels to such an extent that was never estimated by any individual or organisational study across the world.
  • Rivers and other large water bodies around the whole world like The Ganga have cleared after years and have benefited from the lockdown more than any other introduced government welfare scheme in decades.
  • Personal Hygiene became a daily measure for people of all communities and gained major importance helping every living species and the planet as people started caring and worrying about their health and the surroundings as never before !

Nature has prospered and benefited from the Pandemic lockdown in every aspect

in the most significant way possible without human efforts and intervention

and it is just unbelievable to witness such an effortless movement !

Land bodies have cleared and became free from most of the daily dumping of non-biodegradable waste material.

Water bodies have been free from any garbage disposal or industrial dump and have cleared up beautifully.

In the first point itself, you can get an idea of I was trying to explain you in the starting of this blog-

The things which demanded mass attention, awareness and action from us have purified and prospered without our efforts and intervention,

without wasting our time, money, without raising our voices, without asking for justice and support from people around the world !

This was the parasitic relationship I was talking about,

as soon as we as humans started depending less on Mother Earth, it started did not suffer a loss but only prospered and flourished !

2) Wildlife & Biodiversity improvements:

With the drastic and incredible improvements of nature and the world outside our homes,

creatures living in it benefited and profited from it too !

Wildlife including Animals, Birds, and even bacteria have gained from the quarantine situation after generations.

There has been an incredible , incredible improvement in the biodiversities and ecosystems world-wide,

so much that in the beginning of all this, some adverse effects were observed before the things became normal

as none of living creatures on the planet were ready for such a drastic change!

Lets look at what changes took place in the lives of the wildlife and our fellow living creatures on the planet:

  • As humans hunker down indoors, the natural world started thriving positively ! Wild Animals,and non-human life started roaming freely !
  • The clock turned back itself and for the first time in history, Urbanization not only stopped but reversed its graph of progress and Nature was allowed to prevail and dominate !
  • Normally, on an average, 1,00,000 hedgehogs, 30,000 deer, 50,000 badgers and 1,00,000 foxes as well as thousands of owls and various species of birds and insects become victims of roadkills by cars and trucks annually in the UK alone.
  • These uncountable road kill cases decreased to a negligible amount worldwide as humans stayed locked in their homes and allowed nature and wildlife to flourish naturally.
  • Animal and Bird poaching, hunting and all harmful activities you knew of reduced in numbers drastically to an all time low.
  • Marine life enjoyed an undisturbed life and flourished beautifully as most regions saw many water species return to nearby water bodies and relished their lives once again !
  • There were numerous cases of animal life roaming freely on city streets and occupying the vacant spaces around the world.
  • Wild coyotes in San Francisco, monkeys on the streets of Thailand, Feral mountain goats in the Welsh town of Llandudno were some of the cases that caught the media attention in the recent days.
  • Endangered species , migrating birds and other wildlife species prospered and returned to many of their natural habitats and ecosystems that had been captured by humans over the years.

Have a look at some amazing picture :

amazing stats

So as you read,

that how by stopping or just slowing down the pace of aggressive human approach for personal progress,

millions of species benefited in the recent times.

With no harm done to the existing nature and habitats, wildlife enjoyed and unmatched freedom in history,

roaming and sleeping on the streets without any worries, birds flying high in the skies without being disturbed by air traffic or human activities

and this eventually lead to an increase in their species survival rates and saved many lives.

Sure there were some problems leading to these changes as captive animals ran out of human care and daily food

or some dangerous wild animals found in small people gatherings, but I mean that such was the situation years back.

With no rules, regulations, and boundaries this was how humans and other species co-existed.

And sure a situation like this would never be practical in today’s world if such a lockdown would not be enforced across the world.

And hence with one species of life resting for its own survival and benefit,

amazing stats

others had the chance to enjoy a part of lives freely without any restrictions and regulations which were never meant for them.

It was like letting our fellow living species have their moment of freedom and relish their lives as before after thousands of years,

on the planet they deserve and play an equal role which according to me should not be called an harming situation.

I would want all of you to close your eyes and think about the natural beauty and heavenly grace

that flourished and prevailed in the world outside our homes while we took care of ourselves

and I am sure if you think it this way, you would not mind the current situation and stop cursing it πŸ˜›

3) Rehabilitating the Planet and less Human involvement:

By all the above lines, I feel that I have made it clear up till now with the positive direction we are heading with this blog.

As I mentioned earlier, as motorways cleared and factories remained shut down all over the world,

amazing stats

every country experienced a sudden and drastic change in carbon footprint emissions.

This was such an unexpected chance for the nature to flourish and the planet to undergo a rehabilitation,

amazing stats

that no researcher, scientist or environmentalist would have dreamt about.

  • Improvements involve, healing of the Ozone hole formed above the Arctic !
  • A record low footprint emission prevailed in most parts of the world which would otherwise have been impossible.
  • With the least amount of involvement and disturbance by humans, the planet had the biggest opportunity to recover and heal itself in all prospects in years.
  • Crime rates were at an all time low when the situation was peaked and offenses almost reduced to zero.
  • Along with Crime rates, all the malpractices you could think of became negligible without any law passed and the world operated in order !
  • With no Human Interference, human made disasters including forest fires, chemical discharges, industrial hazards, wars, oil-spills, terrorist attacks, nuclear explosions,radiations and what not became almost negligible benefiting every species on the planet as well as the planet itself !
  • Nature bloomed and ecosystems recovered, finding a way back to fit in this human dominated world !
  • As personal hygiene gained importance, people became more aware and measured there use of daily materials to be environment and health friendly !
  • All human activities like entertainment and any other greed fulfillment was reduced and helped in a record all time low depletion of all the resources.
amazing stats

As soon as the demand from the planet decreased, it got the chance to prosper and heal itself.

With Crime Rates, human interference and man-made disasters at an all time low in the history,

peace and serenity thrived and the world order was maintained after centuries !

Depleted natural resources replenished, nature and wildlife prospered and the whole planet got a break

from human involvements and disturbance which was assumed to be impossible before the current situation.

amazing stats

I assume you all understand the bulk, severity and effect of the current situation

and how its consequences involve those that were a target to accomplish for humans since so many years !

Also I have found amazing pictures were the message was very clear showing how

“Earth was showing improvement from the current scenario and that all this

time we were the virus that harmed the planet while Corona emerged as the vaccine !”

4) Internal and Mental Break:

One of the most important improvements humanity needed for years.

Amidst the lockdown, most of the people stayed at their home for many days and had the golden opportunity

to take the mental break they needed from their regular life.


It was probably the break the whole of human kind needed from the everyday

race to survive and fit in the graph of exponential growth and progress.

And it was needed by every individual of the planet, no matter how big or small.

Sometimes a break helps in making things work in a way we would never imagine in our daily busy scheduled lives !

It was super satisfying and relieving to find your near and dear ones by your side all day

with no worries about their work or the pressure to meet any deadlines under the pressure of any higher authorities.


From thousands of good things that happened in this home quarantine period, some amazing things to highlight were:

  • People all across the world had the opportunity to meet and stay and spent time with their family members.
  • People got a really needed break from their jobs, works or studies for a good amount of time and had no pressure for working under some authority.
  • Everyone around the world got to learn new skills, develop themselves and know about the things they never would if not for the break.
  • I personally explored lots of things outside my study and interest field and applied a lot of things that I would not have known existed !
  • Families played board games, outdoor games and enjoyed together after years and attained a mental state of relaxation.
  • Everyone contributed in household chores, introduced each other to new interests and each age group got to try new things.
  • Television channels started showing old shows and vintage memories made their way in our houses to enjoy and experience.
  • People started meditation, yoga, exercise, took care of themselves, increased personal hygiene and spent time for personal care which relaxed their minds, soul and body after a long, really long time !

All of this, huh, how would have all of this been possible ?

How would you hold captive a busy businessman, an employee, any worker

for days to make him spent time with his/her family, try other things, relax ?

And for those people pointing out how their works got interrupted and stopped

or how they would loose their jobs or how their business become obsolete after Corona.

To all those people I want to bring forward that a problem always brings a hundred new solutions and paths with it.

The current situation has lead to so many improvements in all sectors of the world and

so many new inventions all across the world.

So the current problem comes with the task to upgrade yourselves according to the situation and

try to contribute towards the greater good while looking for better individual improvements

That is why I put this point high up with environmental improvements and reduced climate change effects.

As we all know that how important mental health is along with physical health, and

so I don’t believe that making people stay in their houses for a few months of

their lives isn’t something to get fed up with,

but a moment of your lives to cherish and utilize !

5) Learning and Conclusion:

So I feel that you all have come at least a step closer towards understanding the vast

impact and the positive rays of hope and impel glimmering from it !

There is a lot to take from a global situation like this that does not show up everyday. Was Corona – The break humanity needed ?

Corona Virus whottrendz

It shows us that how we as citizens and

more importantly as a species of life on the planet need to be ready and improve upon.

The top 3 important learnings I personally felt and took are :

  • Natural beauty is best untouched and heals itself as well its surroundings to establish the feeling and atmosphere of an eternal peace and tranquility. Also we saw how anything in the world can be cured and dealt with unity and support !
  • Sometimes taking a break from our everyday lives to may not prove too bad and that the world serves more than enough for everyone’s need but not for our works and demands for our greeds !
  • A new problem brings a thousand new solutions and paths along with it and just demands our willingness to accept and ponder on the new paths for our own success in life !

Also we saw how a situation like this proved to be an amazing opportunity for young minds,

talents and developing nations with emphasis on movements like Make in India etc. !


How barriers lasting for centuries within countries have vanished and paved way for sustainable development…

So as we come towards the end of this blog I hope it helped you by giving some interesting

and extremely useful insights and highlighted the hidden positive aspects of the on-going situation

And I also wish you found it as amazing as me that how a tiny micro body can affect a world of billions of powerful creatures,

overpowering technologies and advancements world-wide !

Also I would once again try to make it clear that I do not unsee the massacre this situation has done to the society and

with all due respect to the millions of families that became a victim to this event and suffered a loss,

I pledge and pray my sympathy and hope that this blog proves to provide you

with a new vision helping you all in your lives ahead !


Also an important thing to note would be that how we take this moment forward

and help ourselves by not returning back on our track of harming the world.

I hope this situation also helps with laying a foundation towards the greater good

and emerges as an opportunity to solve many global issues in the coming time.

Also it would be great if you can share this blog with as many people as you can and make people aware,

including the respective authorities to take actions to improve on this progress humanity and the whole life has made !

Lets hope for the best and pray that we all would remember these learnings for the rest of our lives and

try the efforts not to return back to our old lives filled with neglectance.

So I would end by saying that I hope you know

we all just became a part of history and we would proudly say that we witnessed,

fought and helped in an historical run of events !


Also the courage shown by victims, authorities like doctors, policemen and workers has been commendable and cant be left unseen.

So with the final message of not letting a pause or comma in the journey of your lives to become a full-stop,

but converting it into an opportunity that helps your story is where the victory lies !

Lets wish that the situation and the current problem ends soon, but the improvements

and its impacts stay forever and remind us of our strength in the times to come…

So I hope I speak for my feelings and request you to share your thoughts in the comments or with your relatives.

Thank you so much for your precious time…

With that I pledge my strength and well wishes to all of you, your families, to humanity and most importantly to LIFE ! …


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